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What We Do in Japanese Real Estate Appraisal & Valuation Services

  1. In Japan, only real estate appraisers licenced by Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT) are entitled to writing Valuation Report concerning price and rent of real estate.
  2. The published land price of standard sites all over Japan is announced every March by MLIT. Every June, the price of land along each roads in every town and most villages in Japan is announced by Naional Tax Agency for the pupose of calculation of inheritage tax. In addition, the price of land for the calculation of property tax is prepared by each local government . All of these valuations of land are made by the licenced real estate appraisers (LREA)
  3. In addtion to public sector as mentioned above, Valuation Report is also utilized in private sector. For example, accounting is changng from historical cost to market value accounting. In Japan, large-sized companies are required in the Balance Sheet for the explation to shareholders to add supplementary explations of market value of their leased property. A Valuation Report is used to prove the market value of such leased property.
  4. When a person or a company borrows from a bank, a bank takes out a motrgage on real estate which a person or a company owns. Valuation Report provides a bank with realiable data for their judgement of value of real estate.
  5. In the legal dispute among heirs, Valuation Report is occasionally required for legally reserved portion of inheritance, and Valuation Report is submitted to a court to prove the market price of real estate.
  6. When the property of company is transferred to the owner of the company, the evidence which proves that the property is transferred at market value is necessary in order to avoid gift tax. Or when the property is exchanged with other property, the evidence which proves that the property is exchanged at equal value is necessary in order to avoide corporation tax. In these cases, Valuation Report is useful.
  7. For small and medium-sized companies, the inheritance of shares is important. The value of real estae accounts for large portion in the value of shares, and Valuation Report of real estate is utilized for the valuation of shares.
  8. Between a lessor and a lessee, there are occasionally disputes for rent increase or decrease. Valuation Report is utilized at a trial to prove the market rent.
  9. Our company is aiming at the precise support to clients' necessities in cooperation with such specialists as lawyers, licenced tax accountants, registered architects and real estate brokers. In addition, we have two future challenges. One is the valuation of overseas property. The other is the valuation of such assets as machine tool.

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